"She knows how to get her audience watch silently The songs have a message and Lizzy V is pure as a person.

Lizzy V (Lisanne Veenendaal) is a Dutch independent artist and songwriter. She grew up with divorced parents in Rozenburg and Rockanje South-Holland.

Lizzy started writing songs when she was 12 years old. She wanted to sing at the Junior Eurovision Songfestival, and that same year she got to the top 80 selected songs. From that point on she knew that music was her thing and couldn’t think of a life without it.

After years of singing classes at the local music school, she wanted to study at the conservatory. After 2 years of pre-conservatory at the ACRA in Tilburg and DSOPM in Amsterdam, she concluded that she wanted to walk her own path and figure things out herself.

In 2015 she won her first award as “Gigstarter Artist of the Year” at the booking platform Gigstarter. Partially thanks to the award, she gained a lot of bookings which lead to her being able to do music as a full-time job from that point on.

Not long after that, she met Louis Henry Sarmiento from Sonic Vista Studios Ibiza who works with artist like Lady GaGa, David Guetta and many more world-class artists at his studios. They decided to work together on new music because he wanted to help Lizzy to get to the next level. They worked on her first releases, “Faces” and “Out of Time”, that got the attention of Headliner Magazine and got some airplay on the national radio 3FM from Giel.

After some small tours in America and Ibiza, she now plays shows all around the world. Now that she can call herself a NAMM artist, she is mainly focussing on her own music. Her latest songs are written and recorded in Stockholm, where she works with the highly respected producers and songwriters Peter Kvint, Mattias Lindblom, Tania Doko and Marcus Lindberg on her songs.

“My growth as a person becomes very clear when listening to my music throughout the years. I am incredibly lucky to be able to work with this A-team on my new releases and grow more and more by writing with them. I am very grateful for all the support I have been getting from everybody and thanks to that being able to live my dream right now!”